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the team

Taran Boynton

I have been practicing yoga for over 11 years. When I first stumbled into an Ashtanga class I observed the practitioner’s ability to move gracefully and effortlessly into nearly impossible positions with focus, stillness and physical strength, I was in awe. I fell in love with the practice instantly. As a yoga teacher my style emphasises the dynamic, flowing approach of Pattabhi Jois’s Ashtanga Yoga. As we focus on movement with breath I teach to let go of physical and mental tensions allowing your body to feel the pose and experience each movement in its entirety.

I am a fully Registered RYT 200 Yoga Instructor and completed my teacher training with Ryan Spielman in London. In addition I have practiced under the guidance of various authorised Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga teachers including Joey Miles, Sharath Jois, Paul Dallaghan and Hamish Hendry & Charlie Taylor Rugman as well as attending various workshops to further my own practice and explore the deeper elements of the Yoga tradition. I am a patient yet motivating teacher who understands the challenges people face with this dynamic practice and I give personal assistance through both verbal and physical adjustments. My aim.. to stay true to my heart, connected with my students and have fun!

Jodie Jeacock

Jodie has been a student of yoga since 1998 where she began to explore Hatha yoga practises. Her passion and curiosity led her to the ashtanga vinyasa method in 2008 where she met John and Lucy Scott in New Zealand. These two great teachers greatly inspired Jodie to transition out of her comfort zone and greet the magic of life with compassion and kindness.

Jodie’s reasons for practising yoga and studying yoga are that it completes her . She shares yoga as she believes in it .

John Scott Level 2 & BWY Teacher Training.


Leila Braithwaite

French born I was introduced to yoga when I moved to London, about 20 years ago. Living in London was a very stressful time with a lot of pressure “living the rat race” -Practicing yoga there gave me peace, helped me to improve my flexibility, the quality of my sleep and much more.This was the beginning of a life changing journey.

Since London, I have continued my yoga practice over the years and yoga has helped me juggling demanding jobs, family life, and other difficult times I went through. Yoga continues to give me strength, balance and focus.

I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2012 with Steve Avian at Shamayoga School and have been teaching yoga ever since.
I continue my learning journey, I have been to various yoga retreats in France, and learnt various styles of yoga, including breathing practices from Max Strom. Yoga continues to help me in my everyday life, balancing work, being a mum and maintaining strong relationships with my loved ones.